a Revolution in eJuice selection

Printing paper menus is part of the past! eJuice Finder is the first digital menu for vape shops. We are committed to provide the best visual experience for you and your customers by providing you with the right tools.

Why eJuicefinder?


The eJuice Finder Digital Menu educates your customer with information and visual flavor profiles of all e-Juice in stock. Thus increasing e-Juice sales with less staff interaction.


On average 70% of vape shop revenue derives from e-juice sales alone. Finally you can expand and allow consumers to recognize all of the juices you provide.


Save a lot of time and headaches by reducing the time spent managing and printing e-Juice menus with our easy software. The days of constantly printing paper menus are finally over!


Easy website integration ensures your interactive menus are in sync. You can make changes to your menus in seconds from any computer, anytime, anywhere in the world.



Create flavor categories to maximize exposure for all your e-juices. You can add them to multiple categories and/or organize by using sub-categories


Allow customers to find their favorite e- juices through their respective brands


Create customized deals to promote sales, hardware, staff picks, holiday sales, house juice, advocacy promotion, happy hour, etc.) Options are endless and each banner can be linked to any URL.


Promote all your new e-juice inventory.

Top 10

Display your top selling e-juices to customers who are looking for recommendations


Add appealing visual photos and descriptive text to best describe your e-juice flavors. Also add their respective Nicotine Levels, Bottle Sizes, Pricing, and PG/VG ratio.

Our Plans


$30/ month

  • One Subscription

  • Unlimited Tablet Displays

  • Unlimited Cloud Space

  • Phone & Email Customer Support

  • Month to month, no contract

Lite Annual

$300Save $60/ year

  • One Subscription

  • Unlimited Tablet Displays

  • Unlimited Cloud Space

  • Phone & Email Customer Support

  • Year to Year, no contract

Need vape menu for multiple stores?

Please contact us at info@ejuicefinder.com or call us at 213.322.2524

Don't have time to setup your entire menu?

We offer setup service

$2 per each juice

  • Professional high quality stock photos.

  • Full integration through-out menu.

  • Full product description.

  • Full product specification; VG percentage, bottle size, and nicotine levels.


7 One Vape Vape Menu
7 One Vape (Brooklyn, NY)

I love eJuiceFinder. Such an easy user interface.

Calvin L

( Owner )

Blue Dream Vapor Vape Menu
Blue Dream Vapor

Easily search for your favorite brands and flavors.

Will M

( Founder )

Cool Spot Vapor ejuice Menu
Cool Spot Vapor (North Las Vegas, NV)

Highly recommend ejuicefinder. My customers love it. It is so easy to find the flavor they are looking for, and can be customized to fit a lot of different needs.

Cyrus J

( Owner )

Crystal Vapor Vape Menu
Crystal Vapor (La Canada-Flintrige, CA)

The new menus are awesome! Program is amazing!

Christopher C

( Owner )

Ecig City Digital Menu
Ecig City 4 (Riverside, CA)

Great job on the menu. Gonna make my life a lot easier


( Manager )

E-Cig Gallery Vape Menu
E-Cig Gallery (Laguna Hills, CA)

We have been using EJuice Finder in our retail shop for about 6 months and absolutely love it. We have tried many different types of e-juice menus in our shop over the past 3 and a half years but nothing seemed to work. Printed menus read great but they take up so much room and are costly to update every time there are changes. The EJuice finder platform is really user friendly and the back end makes it a breeze to update and add or remove items. We even have a link on our website to our digital e-juice menu so our customers can view our menu from home. Over all this is a great product that we feel every vape shop should have!

Briana V

( Director of Marketing )

Eco Vape Vape Menu
Eco Vape (Long Beach, CA)

Choosing flavors just got a hell of a lot easier here at Ecovape thanks to our badass new tablet menus made possible by ejuicefinder.


( Owner )

Elevated Vaping ejuice Menu
Elevated Vaping (Ventura, CA)

We love it. Customers Love it.


( Manager )

Genki Vape Menu
Genki Vape (Lakewood, CA)

I can tell customers are purchasing more juices than before due to the higher visibility of all our juices

David J

( Owner )

Krazy Ape Vapor Digital Menu
Krazy Ape Vapor (Spring, TX)

Ejuice Finder is a great tool for Vapor stores.  There are several other Companies in the market providing a similar service, but, Ejuice Finder was the best pick for our company based on not only price but ease of use.  The platform is very easy to use.

Shane R

( Owner )

Laughing Kat Vapors Menu
Laughing Kat Vapors (Elizabethon, TN)

We LOVE eJuiceFinder! It was so easy to set up and our customers find it very easy to navigate​. They now walk in and open the tablet and begin to peruse their options.  I love the "New" section, because that is the most asked question in the shop.  "What's new?" and "How much does it cost?" We have seen an increase in sales, and we are also selling flavors that were often overlooked.  The monthly cost is low and I have the ability to customize.  This is one of the most innovative and beneficial tools that we have found in the two years we have been open. Thank you!

Kathie S

( Owner )

The Vape Shop ejuicefinder menu
The Vape Shop

Enhances my bar, customers love it, and very easy to use.


( Owner )

The Vape Source Menu
The Vape Source (Los Angeles, CA)

With so many e-juices on the market, this is the one tool I needed to fully update my menu at all times.

Wiliam J

( Manager )

Vape Jungle Digital Menu
Vape Jungle

We are constantly finding ways to improve our processes and digital menus is the newest one!

Candice G

( Owner )

Vape Tales Vape Menu
Vape Tales (Torrance, CA)

Since using eJuiceFinder we are finding that our customers are spending more time sampling and trying out a greater number of flavors. This usually leads to customers buying more juices per visit and being more satisfied with the flavors they choose.

Matt K

( Owner )

Vaporise Vape Menu

With our new ejuice menu by eJuiceFinder, juice selection just got a lot easier


( Owner )

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