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Brand : 11 JuiceHead
> Fruit > Blueberry
> Drink > fruity
> Drink > mixed
> Drink > tea
> Menthol


Blueberry Lemonade Menthol
Juice Head Freeze Blueberry Lemon 100ml will have your taste buds begging for more and more with every inhale and exhale. Juice Head Freeze brings you all of the flavors you love from the iconic brand Juice Head with a menthol twist. Juice Head Freeze offers you the best of the best flavors with that cool menthol twist that you know and love. This brand offers only the most delicious of flavors with every vape juice you try so you know that you will be sure to love this entire brand. As you inhale Juice Head Freeze Blueberry Lemon, the taste of blueberries and lemon will combine across your taste buds and leave them begging for more. This combination of flavors are unlike anything else you've ever tasted before and you certainly won't want to put it down. As you exhale, the menthol base will cool and rejuvenated your taste buds and leave you feeling better than ever. This vape juice will have you shooting for the stars. Juice Head is a vape juice line that will keep you coming back for more with every single one of their vape juices. With just one puff, you will be able to taste the amazing high quality ingredients within each and every bottle they produce. This vape juice brand is sure to become your number one after you try just one of their vape juices. Juice Head is a vape juice brand that will keep you on your toes all day long. Juice Head Freeze Blueberry Lemon takes the amazing combination of blueberries and lemon and pair them together atop of a menthol base that will drive your taste buds up the wall with every puff you take.